Best Beach View Resort Of Dapoli

Murud Beach - 12 Kms

Murud beach is just 24 minutes from Dapoli. If you want to enjoy the sea breeze in the morning, you can reach the Murud beach in just half an hour from the resort. The lush green forests, the deep blue Arabian sea, the silver-sandy-sandy-coconut groves and the adjoining sea coast of Murud are quite eye-catching. Also, many female sea turtles come to lay eggs on this beach. Depending on the season, you can also experience watching the young of these females turtles go to sea. Apart from tourism, you can also visit the memorial of Maharishi Dhondo Keshav Karve.

Suvarnadurg Fort - 16 Kms

Suvarnadurg Fort is exactly 31 minutes away from Dapoli. Standing on a small island, this fort is a constant attraction for tourists coming to Dapoli. The current access to the sea fort is now only by boats from Harnai port. By reaching the fort by boat, you can learn the fascinating history of this fort. In 1660, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj brought this fort under Swarajya. The water tank and other structures of this fort are still worth seeing. Capturing the panoramic view of the open sea from the fort is the focal point of attraction for many tourists.

Panhalekaji Caves - 20 kms

Panhalekaji Caves are just 40 minutes away from Dapoli. Many tourists flock to Dapoli to know the history of these caves. The cave can be reached by vehicle from Dapoli via Dabhol. This group of caves is a good example of how the architectural and religious traditions of India have changed. There the influence of different religious sects like Hinayana, Vajrayana, Shaivism, Ganapatya, Nath can be seen in different periods. The caves were excavated over a long period of time. Diversity is seen in the sculptural style of these caves. As this cave is near Panhale Kaji village, it is known by the same name.

Keshavraj Temple - 6.6 Kms

Asud village is approximately 7 km from Dapoli. Nature has given this village abundant beauty. Asood Bagh is located at 6 km while passing through the Dapoli-Harne route. After a 15 to 20 minutes walk to the right from there is the very beautiful Keshavraj i.e. Vishnu temple. This temple situated in a thick forest is about 1000 years old. The design of this temple is good and the construction is made of stone. There is a stone gomukh in the premises of the temple. The experience of walking on the road leading to Keshavraj is unforgettable. Coconut, Popli, Mango, Cashew, etc. The narrow path leading out of the trees, the dense shade, the melodious humming of various birds, all this makes the mind forget the world. Although it is uphill, there is no fatigue at all. One gets a wonderful peace of mind.

Karde Beach - 12.7 Km

Just 26 minutes away from Dapoli, this beach is known for its serene tranquility. The black sand under the light white sand reveals the beauty of this beach. Many also view this beach as a romantic destination. It is also considered as the largest beach among all the beaches of Dapoli. Because one side of this coast goes to Burundi and the other side goes directly to Herne-Murud. Many people are seen enjoying long bike riding along the beach.

Ladghar Beach - 18 Kms

Ladghar Beach is another calm and clean sea beach 38 minutes away from Dapoli. The road from Dapoli to this beach is also picturesque. As this road winds its way through the thickets and mountains, there is an unpaved road in the middle. While passing through such a road, at a turn, the lovely Ladghar beach suddenly comes into view. Then all eyes are fixed on the sea. One can walk along the beach, in silence but listening to the sound of the waves, to the Sri Kameshwar Temple. While going here, the eye-soothing greenery, mango-fans trees and clean courtyards of Koularu houses, the flowers at the door attract attention.